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Yana’s Yarn— 24 April 2018

ANZAC Day is such a prominent and special public holiday. It’s a day that actually seems more sincere than Easter and Christmas, and one where we truly stop to appreciate those gone before us and those serving us now. We put aside the rivalry with our Aussie cousins, and don’t debate who had the pavlova first, or whether Marmite is […]

Yana’s Yarn— 17 April 2018

This week has been a tricky one—I’ve been in bed for most of it, stuck at home with the flu. I popped into work for a bit, only to be turned away. “Go home,” were the exact words, but being home is better than infecting work colleagues. I guess it’s the changing of the seasons, the tricky weather and after […]

Yana’s Yarn—27 February 2018

Last Monday I spent the evening hanging out at the Pukekohe Volunteer Fire Brigade to chat to some of the team who will be heading up the Sky Tower. My seven year old self was remembering the time the local Levin brigade came to my primary school to talk about fire safety. I’d been sitting up nicely throughout the presentation […]

A note from Emma’s desk

My little-big brother turned 16 last weekend. I can’t remember when he went from being a kid to a young man, but all of a sudden, he has a beard. I have heart palpitations over the fact that he now can go for his driver license—can he even do his own washing? I do feel slightly sorry for my little […]

A note from Emma’s desk

I know how frustrating it can be when you receive unwanted pamphlets, flyers and those pesky bills in letter box. Sometimes it seems as though we are just inundated with them. Being the self confessed shopaholic that I am, I like going through them. However, it has been brought to our attention that over the last couple of weeks, some […]

A note from Emma’s desk

I don’t know if anyone has read, or believes, the Global 2018 predictions from self-claimed clairvoyant, Craig Hamilton-Parker. While I found it interesting, I believe it is just an opinion. I take what he has said with ‘a pinch of salt.’ He has basically told us that we can’t travel to the UK, we are all going broke (I knew […]

A note from Emma’s desk

It was recently announced that Auckland Council euthanised nearly 2846 dogs in three of their animal shelters last year. Several animal welfare groups have raised questions as to what is council doing with regards to education, and how they are remedying the ‘situation,’ (meaning how come so many of the dogs were from South Auckland). They also asked if those […]

A note from Emma’s desk

This is my good friend Hazel, and together, we are shaving our heads for the New Zealand Cancer Society, and our mums. On Saturday 11 November, around 7pm at the Tuakau Cosmopolitan Club, we are braving the shave and donating our locks to become wigs. This is a very personal journey for both Hazel and I. Her mum, Tania, was […]

A note from Emma’s desk 29 August

I can’t believe that this time next week, I am going to be lost somewhere in Canada. I say lost, as it will more than likely happen. I am geographically impaired and still don’t know my full itinerary—I’ll leave that up to ‘tour guide’ Kaitlin. On Friday, I am stepping out of my comfort zone and onto a long haul […]

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