Special Project Award

The Post Newspaper got fully behind the Waiuku Netball Centre in the celebrations of their 60th jubilee.

We worked alongside the organising committee and were a large part of the event, besides just the standard newspaper coverage.

Firstly, we designed the logo for the event which was used on all marketing materials. From there on in we designed all materials for the event that included; pens, T-shirts- large outdoor advertising banner, Menu’s, tickets, table names, stickers, etc.

The celebrations kick started with a variety of different events, one of which was the carnival event which we promoted, designed marketing materials for and covered on the day. We were also involved in their other events which included Silver Ferns Leana de Bruin and Grace Rasmussen.

The final crescendo was the formal function held on Saturday 1 July, where the Waiuku Rugby Club was transformed into what can only described as a scene out of Hollywood. The Post were the official photographers of the night and even created the birthday video that was played to the audience on the night. We took along a portable photo printer and printed photographs for the attendee’s so that they were able to take their memories home with them.

The organisers were delighted with the support given on behalf of The Post. The majority of the coverage, marketing, effort and design done by The Post was taken on board as an opportunity for us to give back to the club and the community.

Below are all the files and links pertaining to the work that was done to make this event a massive success. Without the effort of our entire Post team, this would not have been possible. (Please click on files for larger images).

Logo and banner design






Flyers created for the event

Tickets, Menus, Pens, etc for the Diamond Jubilee main event

Video created for the evening

Waiuku Netball Centre

Newspaper Coverage:

Waiuku Netball Centre honour sponsors

Carnival, celebrations, candy floss

Silver Fern has a go at ball girl

Waiuku Netball Centre celebrates 60

Netballers trained by former Silver Fern

Knockout Tournament for Diamond Jubilee

Newspaper Features:




A glam night was had by all at the 60th celebration of Waiuku Netball centre

Posted by The Post Newspaper on Sunday, July 2, 2017

The rain came down in bucket loads this Saturday (24 June) but it didn't stop all of these netballers having some fun at the Carnival day.

Posted by The Post Newspaper on Monday, June 26, 2017

Posted by The Post Newspaper on Saturday, April 8, 2017

Awesome day for Waiuku Netball. Grace Rasmussen was a ball girl for one on the senior games.

Posted by The Post Newspaper on Sunday, July 2, 2017

The last of the training sessions with Leana de Bruin were held on Sunday 7 August, and as you can see, those who…

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