Letter to the Editor

Please review the editorial policy below before submitting your Letter to the Editor.
Letters to the Editor, submitted in response to previously published letters, that are simply conversational in nature will not be published. Make certain that any letters sent in response stand alone on their own and state your position or opinion.

Editorial Policy
Contributors of letters-to-the editor to The Post are asked to please keep the following protocol in mind:

The letter must include the author’s name and surname and telephone number for verification purposes by The Post. Only the author’s name will be publically posted with the letter, and contact information will be held to allow The Post to verify as necessary the writer as the author of the letter prior to publication of the letter to the editor. Anonymous letters will not be published.

All letters-to-the-editor regarding subjects of public policy and general interest to the public are welcomed, but must be written specifically for publication by The Post. Letters are not necessarily given a limit to length, but may be edited based on space considerations.

Letters containing libelous statements, offensive personal attacks on private individuals, subjects of limited interest or written in poor taste will not be posted. Letters-to-the-editor are subject to editing by The Post.

The Post does not guarantee specific publication dates for letters-to-the-editor.

Letters do not necessarily reflect editorial policies or beliefs of this newspaper, its owners or staff. The Post reserves the right to edit, condense or reject any letter.