Letter: Log time on beach

I have been reading your article about the tree washed up on Karioitahi beach and wanted to let you know that the tree washed up on the beach last year (2017). It was then carved by someone where it had landed. Maybe the reason why it has 2017 carved into it as that is when they did it. I think […]

Yana’s Yarn – 1 May 2018

ANZAC day was another success, and it is great to see the turnout improve year after year. From the dawn ceremony where we just avoided the rain, to the civic services where we heard messages from guest speakers, the Prime Minister and the Governor General. We have plenty of photos from the ceremonies and the parades on our Facebook page, […]

When technology bites…

With our insatiable demand for new technology, we have always found new and inventive ways to make life a little easier. In essence, if a robot can perform a task that saves us precious time or energy, then we’ll embrace it. However I do wonder whether we’ve unleashed the genie and it ain’t ever coming back to the bottle. The […]

His Word: Within – Without

Let us look at a very interesting Quote, and then evaluate it from the “Holy Spirit Side” and not from the “Flesh and Sin Side.” So let us start with the “Human – Flesh Side” first. Quote; “When man is a partaker of the divine nature, the love of Jesus will be an abiding principle in the soul, and self […]

Police Patch—24 April

With all the recent discussion on the road toll, it is somewhat disturbing that the team is still detecting people doing really high speeds around Waiuku. The other night one local was stopped for doing 136 kms on a local country road. On that particular road we have ,in the last six months, attended two serious crashes where people involved […]

Letter: Tree-mendous discovery on Karioitahi Beach

This mysterious log washed up on the shores of Karioitahi Beach last month, partially carved with the words Rangiwaea, 2017. The discovery was made by Mark Rolfe from Australia who was visiting his in-laws in Pukekohe. “I walked Karioitahi Beach and found this huge carved trunk. Amongst the carvings was Rangiwaea [heart] 2017. Hope you can make something of this […]

Letter: Cape Fowlwind

Great reading ‘Where is my large intestine by Simon Huggett’….fantastic to see NZ mentioned “Cape Fowlwind” which is actually Cape Foulwind.. Cape Foulwind is a prominent headland on the West Coast of New Zealand’s South Island, overlooking the Tasman Sea. It is located ten kilometres west of the town of Westport. Name Supplied. Where is my large intestine?   https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cape_Foulwind […]

Yana’s Yarn— 24 April 2018

ANZAC Day is such a prominent and special public holiday. It’s a day that actually seems more sincere than Easter and Christmas, and one where we truly stop to appreciate those gone before us and those serving us now. We put aside the rivalry with our Aussie cousins, and don’t debate who had the pavlova first, or whether Marmite is […]

Where is my large intestine?

It’s that way, a 17 hour flight to My Large Intestine, Texas, U.S.A . My Large Intestine is a real place with a population of around 143, founded by Philo Bumbaugh. Bumbaugh’s idea was to put the town on the map and make a name for itself. Unfortunately map makers have refused to map it. How about travelling to Boring […]

Letter— Stop dumping on footpaths

May I make a plea to all those who live on the Hamilton Estate to STOP dropping litter on footpaths and street verges; STOP deliberately breaking glass bottles in the same places, STOP littering in the walk throughs—one between Rata Street/Hamilton Drive, the other between Matai Street/Hamilton Drive. STOP deliberately dropping litter on the Hamilton Drive sports field. Take your […]

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