His Word: Warrior or Worrier

The English Language has lots and lots of interesting little “plays on words,” where a minor change in the letters in a word, can make a major impact and difference in the words intent, meaning and even its force. So, are you a “Warrior” or just a defeated and beaten down “Worrier?” A Warrior is “one who is engaged in, […]

Letter: New (uncompleted) Pukekohe station transport hub opens

Most people in Pukekohe will have been unaware that last Wednesday (6th June) the new Pukekohe station transport hub was officially opened – although why it has occurred when the project is still far from finished is baffling. While all the dignitaries from central and local government and Auckland Transport were patting themselves on the back for a job well […]

Letter: Tuakau train station a great idea

I read your article on the new train station in the pipeline for North Waikato in the local news paper the other day. This is an issue I feel very passionate about as my family and I have just moved to Tuakau recently, however due to both of our jobs being in Auckland we have no other choice but to commute […]

Letter: Our kids are precious

As a regular visitor to the Onewhero Golf Club I have recognised this SH22 problem for over fifteen years. No matter how often you drive this stretch of road, the hazard area comes up without much warning. It annoys me that the WDC spokesperson in speaking about their bureaucratic hoops that need jumping through, completely misses the point that action […]

Letter: Speed limit around Pukekawa school

In response to your Tuesday edition front page story regarding Pukekawa school speed limit being reduced, I have lived in Pukekawa for 27 years and had two children attending school there. In all this time I have never heard of or seen any accidents involving cars or children. This stretch of road has good visibility and most drivers are watchful […]

Yana’s Yarn – 12 June 2018

Without sounding like a broken record, and being 100 per cent honest, as nothing exciting has happened to me this week, I’ll chat about Wellington again. I went to the Gallipoli exhibition at Te Papa and if you haven’t been yet, definitely take a visit there before it finishes in April 2019. It was so well done, so informative and […]

Whale, whale, whale, what do we have here?

We know the prominence social media has in our lives. It’s easily accessible, quick and has so much content and information floating around. However, sometimes, as we all know, social media gets it wrong. As is the case last week. A power pole was downed, and the guess is that the Police decided to have a bit of fun and […]

Letters regarding the possibility of a new railway station

Last week in our 29 May 2018 edition, we wrote an article regarding the possibility of a new railway station in the area. At a Regional Council hearing, Councillors were interested in a possible station at Mercer, however others are more interested in Tuakau and possibly Pokeno as well. Below are some thoughts from the community; North Waikato Train Station […]

Yana’s Yarn – 05 June 2018

It was my birthday on the weekend, and it was lovely. I only said, “You too,” to someone who wished me Happy Birthday once, so all in all it was a success. I could start the yarn on failed birthday presents of years past, but we’ll save that for another time. However, apparently my mum was stoked when my sister […]

Drivers do right by our kids

One in four road deaths in urban areas are pedestrian deaths. Last week the topic of pedestrian crossings stepped on up into local social media pages once again. A Waiuku mum was voicing her concern over the lack of driver consideration at pedestrian crossings, and the danger this creates for children. She felt compelled to vent after witnessing not one, […]

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