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By steve@thepost.nz | May 21, 2018

Test Post

By steve@thepost.nz | May 17, 2018

This is a test from the Post


By steve@thepost.nz | May 15, 2018

Died waiting for answers

By steve@thepost.nz | May 08, 2018

Three weeks ago, 28 year old Alicia Lucas from Pukekohe died after a long, frustrating 18 month ordeal of unexplained stomach pains, tests, specialist appointments, doctors, scans and waiting lists. Nobody had any answers for her, or a diagnosis, only empty apologies. Alicia’s husband Jay, and their families were left devastated after the untimely death of Alicia in the early […]


By steve@thepost.nz | May 07, 2018

Armed Offenders Squad in Pukekohe questioned

By steve@thepost.nz | May 01, 2018

A local family who sheltered in a bathroom as police surrounded their property, are questioning the purpose and legality of the ‘raid’ including the use of the AOS on their property. Not all raids are equal and this one surely ranks amongst the strangest I have come across. You may have read a number of articles where it was reported […]


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