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On Tuesday 30 January, the Post Newspaper printed a story on Auckland Transport’s price increases that have now come into effect. We shared some thoughts from community members who use public transport to get to work on the fare changes. The following are responses we received regarding the changes.

I have been using public transport for many years, as I work in Wiri, Manukau. With the coming fare increase on February 11, it is $3.20 Waiuku to Wiri, you cannot drive for that? I do this daily, would not go back to being in a car stuck on the motorway, then late for work. Today we have it so good with the new fare structure only $3.15 Waiuku to Puhinui Train Station with an AT Hop Card, averaging only $38 a week most weeks. Even when trains are down I have the option of using a bus which connects with a bus that stops outside work, still arriving on time. Yes, my train has been cancelled a couple of times. Next train only eight minutes, still arrive to work on time from Waiuku. Yes, If you pay cash, it will be more expensive. The cheaper fares on AT Hop cards is to encourage people to invest in them and use, to cut down on cash being on buses.
Carol, Waiuku
(abridged for brevity)

I was disappointed to see the fares going up yet again.
Since the Waiuku bus service started, I have tried on several occasions to connect with the train that departs Pukekohe six minutes after the scheduled time of the bus arriving in Pukekohe. I have achieved it twice, on all of the other occasions I would have to wait the balance of an hour for the next train. The timetable advertises the bus and train times on the same line, so I expect them to connect. Recently, the bus was 20 minutes late and the other day it was running ten minutes late. How do they expect me to feel happy about fare increases?
Jim, Waiuku
(abridged for brevity)

With AT increasing fares, this will cause many people to reassess whether using public transport is worth it and will possibly put many off altogether.
The train service from Pukekohe is quicker than driving to Papakura, but for getting into the city it can be slower than driving at times.
If AT really want to get people out of their cars, they need to build new additional express tracks on the main trunk line with quadruple tracking from Papakura to Westfield and triple tracking from Westfield to Parnell for freight trains and new fast express services, which many from Franklin and further afield would find very appealing and would use.
Building a large new park and ride and rail station beside the motorway at Drury would also make public transport more accessible to many in this region.
R Anderson, Pukekohe
(abridged for brevity)

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