Your thoughts on pedestrian crossings

Last week, 23 January 2018, the Post Newspaper had a story on pedestrian safety in Pukekohe. We asked whether more needed to be done to ensure pedestrians safety, and your suggestions on the Stadium Drive/East Street intersection, which is troublesome for drivers and pedestrians alike. Here are some of your thoughts:
F. Slee: They shouldn’t be confusing, but for some reason they are. Pedestrian crossings have painted white lines on them! The signs have made a slight difference in stopping pedestrians stepping straight out but cars still stop and wave pedestrians across, i.e. they are stopping on a round about!
T. Christopher: More pedestrian islands could be brought in, that would help people making mad dashes across two lanes of vehicles.
A. Duncan: Sometimes the cars coming from Mad Butcher way, wanting to turn right into Stadium Drive, get confused and turn into the road for cars coming up the hill. I’ve seen many drivers make this mistake.
E. Gardener: Yup, pedestrians need to be made better aware that the official crossings have stripes. It’s actually really unsafe when people just walk out onto the paved strips because cars behind the front driver aren’t expecting them to brake, whereas if you see an official crossing up ahead you figure cars ahead may be stopping.

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