Your holiday Emergency Contacts

Police, Ambulance or Police, Ambulance or Fire Services 111

Alcohol & Drug Helpline 0800 787 797

Civil Defence 0800 2222 00

Crimestoppers 0800 555 111

Oranga Tamariki 24/7 Line 0508 326 459

Depression Helpline  0800 111 757

Domestic Violence Crisis Line  0508 384 357

Gambling Helpline 0800 654 655

Lifeline – Telephone Counselling 0800 543 354

Mental Health Crisis Team 09 295 1200

Noise control 0800 766 700

Pukekohe Medical Centre 09 237 0280

Sexual Violence Helpline  09 277 9324

Waiuku Medical Centre 09 235 9192

What’s Up (Age 5-18) 0800 942 8787

Women’s Refuge Crisis Line  09 378 1893

Youth Line (Free text ‘Counselling’ to 234) 0800 376 633

Auckland Council Animal Control 09 301 0101

SPCA 09 256 7300

If you’re going away for the holidays, here are a few little tips from to keep your homes safe.

Burglaries increase especially coming up to the festive season! We do our bit to increase patrols in areas but everyone has a part to play. Remember if you see suspicious behaviour please call 111.
Couple of basic prevention tips and reminders:

  1. Don’t post your holiday snaps or status updates on Facebook while you’re away; you’re only letting people know you’re not home—better still deactivate your Facebook for a while and enjoy your holiday and spend quality time with your family and friends rather than on your phone!
  2. Get someone to collect your mail—a full mailbox normally suggests to people you’re not home (or you’re too lazy to empty it).
  3. If away for an extended period of time, ask a trusted neighbour or friend to park their car in your driveway on occasion and perhaps mow the lawns or even put a bag of rubbish outside your property (I’m sure a box of chocolates or donuts wouldn’t go amiss for their troubles).
  4. Buy a timer from your local DIY store—you can pick them up for about $10-$15. Hook up an inside standalone light. Maybe even a radio/TV to come on at certain hours of the day.
  5. Make sure all your valuables are stored away out of sight and in a secure place. Register your assets’ serial numbers on this site, it’s a great initiative of the NZ Police and makes it harder for criminals to sell stolen goods in NZ.
  6. Half close the blinds so they can’t see in but still looks like someone’s there. But you should always get someone to close your curtains at night.
  7. Did you get a new smart TV, iPad, PS4 or other expensive items for Christmas? DON’T throw your box on top of the rubbish pile—you’re only letting others know what you got and what you might have in your house. Instead break it down to smaller pieces so it’s not easily identified and put it out with paper or take to rubbish dump.
  8. Make sure your garden sheds have a good padlock; usually the more expensive the better they are. Some recent burglaries have seen items from garden sheds taken and sold on Facebook sites for a quick buck, i.e chainsaws, weedeaters, tools.
  9. Double check your sensor lights are working and set accordingly.
  10. Double check windows and doors before leaving!

These are just some basic tips, and there’s so many more, but one of the most regular ones police see during holiday periods is people uploading to Facebook while they’re on holiday and return to find their homes burgled.

Operation Summer is a targeted police operation that focuses on preventing alcohol-related harm and public place violence in Auckland over Summer.

Police are planning to deal pro-actively with the anticipated increase and are encouraging revellers to have fun, but stay safe.“We will be discouraging pre-loading of alcohol, which research tells us contributes to violence and disorder. It is also an offence for licensed premises to admit or have intoxicated persons on their premises, so we will be assisting them to comply with the law. Police will be actively identifying intoxicated people and prevent them entering drinking establishments and we will have a high visibility at known hot spots,” said Ben Offner, Area Prevention Manager, Auckland City Police.

Here are a few tips:

  1. If you are going out to a pub, club or party make sure you plan ahead and plan how you are going to get home.
  2. If your friends are drunk at the end of the night, look after them and walk away from any potential confrontation.
  3. Keep your drink close and don’t give anyone the opportunity to tamper with it.
  4. Travel home with your friends and only stay with people you know and trust.
  5. If you’re hosting a party, have fun but make sure it doesn’t get out of hand.
  6. Keep the invites to people you know and if you are serving young people u18, you need express consent from their parents.


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