Yana’s Yarns 12 September 2017

 It’s that time of year again when editorial superstar Emma leaves on a trip for several weeks, leaving me to fill her shoes. So far, so good though. I get a bigger screen, nicer chair, and have taken the coffee sachets Emma left in her desk. On the editorial front, it has been busy, but busy is good and we like to bring you as much news as possible.
Emma is having an amazing time travelling in North America, and she is keeping us posted on how the hurricanes are tracking as they’re affecting exactly where she’s due to be heading. When you see the size and devastation of the hurricanes in the United States, it makes me realise I can’t really complain about not getting all my washing done due to the rain and hail over the weekend.
Yesterday marked the start of Maori Language Week. You might notice our headers are a little different. The theme for this year is ‘Kia ora te reo Maori’ meaning, Let the Maori language live.
Advanced voting for the general election also kicked off this week. A list of venues in your electorate is up online if you’re not sure where to vote (Go to www.elections.org.nz). If you haven’t enrolled to vote yet, you can do so online, or show up to an advance voting booth and do it there.

Emma takes a well deserved break on the ‘cow’ch.

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