Yana’s Yarn

It seems that there have been a lot of negative things in the world lately, and while no-one likes to dwell on the negative, it makes you appreciate what a great country and community we live in.
I’m not someone who posts everyday on social media, but I keep an eye on it. One thing I have noticed is that there’s also a lot of scaremongering. Much of that comes from the media. As a media platform we are lucky that we have a voice in our community. We manage to represent our community well, from the areas that we cover, to the stories that we share.
That voice is also here to represent yours. While we cover news that’s relevant to our community, it’s also good to talk about what’s going on to get out of our little bubbles. It’s always good to have constructive conversations, but remember that while you’re entitled to share your opinions, people are entitled to theirs as well.
While there is a lot of negativity surrounding the issues today, there are also stories that show the essence of human kindness.
Stories of survival, love and hope. There are a number of articles in today’s paper about people living their life to the fullest, getting out of comfort zones and helping others. They’re all attitudes that we should adopt. It inspires me to see people living their best life.
Speaking of living your best life, the Police tractor came to town and I was thrilled to take along Jessica who was working with us for the week. While we were there to take photos of others, we made sure to grab a few of ourselves too, gently ‘nudging’ in line to jump in the tractor, while wearing our Police vests that I reluctantly handed back after the photos. I would gladly jump on a tractor to protect Pukekohe’s potatoes any day!

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