Yana’s Yarn – 8 May 2018

This paper comes out on my Dad’s birthday. So, Happy Birthday Dad! I’ve had the privilege of knowing my dad since the day I was born. (Was that Dad-joke enough for you?)
I thought I would retell a story from childhood that sums up our intrepid O’Gorman adventures.
We were off on a family holiday. Except we didn’t know it yet. Dad had printed out clues like that of the ‘Amazing Race’ and we followed them to Wellington, before arriving at the airport and boarding a plane to Australia. (Not Timbuktu like the man at the ticket desk told us).
The amazing race wasn’t over though. Mid-way through the flight our names were read over the intercom asking us to come to the front to collect our next clue from the pilot. As we filed down the aisle walking to the front, passengers started to applaud us. In my mind I was so concerned that these people didn’t know it was just an Amazing Race that my dad had created and not the real Amazing Race ‘as seen on tv’. I was so glad to make it back to my seat and stay there for the rest of the flight.
I was standing next to Dad when we arrived in Australia and were getting our rental car. He was talking to another person in line, telling him that we were on the family version of the Amazing Race. Any real Amazing Race fan would have known that they wouldn’t have a family of seven on the show. The guy was excited for us though. “Wow, where are the cameras?” He was looking for his moment in the spotlight, and who could blame him?
Dad just said, “They’ll be back soon.”

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