Yana’s Yarn— 6 March 2018

Earlier last week a package arrived at our office. After opening it, we discovered it was a box of chocolates from a local business just down the road from us. What a treat!

The chocolates were accompanied with a card thanking Bossman Steve for referring them to a potential client. It was a little gesture that went above and beyond, and it’s great to see local businesses looking after each other, and having excellence in customer service. So thanks Razor Web Design, the chocolates were delicious!

I also attended a ceilidh over the weekend. All in all it was a success. The birthday girl had a great time, I got to catch up with my friend from Wellington, and there was plenty of dancing, kilts, and minimal stomping on of toes. Ceilidhs are a great way to throw yourself in the deep end and meet people you don’t know. Plus, you learn a few moves in the process. I was, however, not so much a fan of the one where I literally went flying. I’m glad everyone was too busy dancing to be taking photos.

Today, Tuesday 6 March is census day. The census takes place every five years, and everyone in New Zealand must complete it! This year you can do it online- just go to www.census.govt.nz It’s straightforward and only takes around 20 minutes to complete. It’s a great reminder for myself too—I’m off to do mine now!

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