Yana’s Yarn

I did it. I moved. I chucked everything in a box, put it on the trailer and transported it to my new whare. In one trip.
Now comes the “fun” part. Unpacking. It’s fun to unwrap presents, or things you’ve bought online, but not so much unpacking boxes. However, knowing that I had work again the next day made me hustle along and find the important things.
Over the coming weeks there will be a few trips to the shops to pick up the last couple of things I’ve forgotten or don’t actually own. Adulting 101.
Eating breakfast the next morning was a strange feeling. Everyone had either left for work or was still in bed. It will also be different living with three girls, a tad different to living with three brothers.
We also have a cat who is quickly becoming our flat mascot. My ideal pet is a pet rock, but I can make some room in my heart for this cat. After all, she is the boss.
In the past two weekends, I’ve been to two local weddings and they have been stunning! Weddings are always fun and beautiful events, and it has been an honour seeing my friends tie the knot.

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