Yana’s Yarn— 27 March 2018

Clocks go back at the end of the week, meaning winter is on the way. If you love the crisp air, frosty mornings, then enjoy the season. If you prefer the warmth, you can at least look forward to the extra hour of sleep we get on Sunday morning. I always find it hard wondering whether my phone has automatically changed time, so basically if you have a phone it sorts itself out, but the microwave and oven, you’ll have to change yourself.
Writing this yarn, I’m back from seeing Ed Sheeran. It was one of those concerts where you book the tickets so far in advance you forget about it and then suddenly the day is here. Ed was great. Super talented and entertaining thousands with just his voice, his guitar and a loop pedal.
After seeing the state of the traffic the day before, our group decided to catch the train to Mt Smart Stadium.
There was a lot happening in Auckland over the weekend—the cricket, the Pasifika Festival and Beach Hop traffic returning home. All combined to create a traffic jam bigger than usual. However travel was free on public transport with our tickets, so we thought, why not? All in all it was a smooth process and I would do it again, however for now I’m all concert-ed out. Thankfully, we missed the rain, even though we had our emergency ponchos packed away. If you went to the concert, I hope you had an amazing time!
This weekend is Easter. Whether it’s a celebration, commemoration or simply a chance to eat some chocolate and hot cross buns, enjoy!

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