Yana’s Yarn 26 September 2017

Last week I mentioned I voted in my second election. You might think that’s not much,  however one person who far surpasses this number is Beryl Baguely. The 108 year old voted again this year, in what is her thirtieth election! I would say there’s no one more qualified to vote than her.

Summer is on the way! Sort of… I’ve been waiting for it to come back ever since it ended. I’ve been enjoying these longer nights and can’t wait for it to warm up. With daylight saving now started it is even better.

My sister and I had a Saturday road trip to the Coromandel a few weeks ago, to walk to the top of a rock. After a decent drive, we were well and truly out in the wops. If it wasn’t for the fact that the car radio was still playing tunes, I would have turned off that dirt track. I’ve seen too many programmes to know what happens when radios go static in the middle of a forest.  All was well though, we parked up, found the entrance to the track (which was a mission on its own), and climbed to the top- at times climbing on all fours… That was a sight! The view was absolutely worth it though. Now that summer is on the way (I hope I don’t jinx that), I can’t wait to explore the great outdoors even more.

Cone-city is still very real on Manukau Road, or Puke-coney as one of our readers put it. Our office is right in the midst of it all and it’s fair to say there have been some moments of frustration. In saying that, the footpaths and gardens look fantastic, and now that both sides of Manukau Road (where our office is) are done, it’s even better. We can’t wait to see the finished product, without all the orange of course.

Have a great week.


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