Yana’s Yarn 24 October 2017

My phone rings a lot, but recently it has been ringing even more as I get call after call from my friends in Canada.
I say the word ‘friends’ very loosely as they’re not actually my friends, they’re scammers. I don’t think they’re even from Canada.
I picked up once, and they began their spiel about my second income, which I promptly said I wasn’t interested in- I don’t know if that was the correct answer, but afterwards I hung up. Since then they’ve called me close to once a day, which isn’t much to the amount of calls other people get, I’ve heard. However every time they call it’s with a different number, which makes it hard to block. Instead, I don’t answer and hope that eventually they’ll give up.
We hope you had a great Labour Day and kept out of trouble! It’s the last public holiday until Christmas, which as of Tuesday is 62 days away. (Apologies if you prefer to live in ignorance while it approaches).
I spent my day off braving the traffic and headed down to the Coromandel. It was nice to go exploring, but like the rest of Auckland, we all had the same idea of going away for the weekend!
The weekend before, I headed off on another roadie (clearly one of my favourite things to do), to celebrate my friend, Kylie’s hens party. There was plenty of laughter and fun and Taupo really didn’t know what hit it. I also played photographer for a few tourists at the #LoveTaupo sign. I’m glad all the times of taking photos for the paper has paid off!

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