Yana’s Yarn—23 January 2018

Last week Jess and I met with Johno Stevens, a guy who is passionate about helping people and achieving his goals. Even after suffering a brain injury, he is determined not to let it stop him. As you may have read on the front page, Johno realises there are limits, and the time line for his success might have changed, but what matters is that he continues to try. It’s a good reminder that whatever challenges come our way, we can still achieve our goals.

NCEA results came out last week for high school students, and I hope you did well. Just remember that it’s not the end of the world if you didn’t do as well as you hoped!
I had a friend come and visit me over the weekend. She’d never been to Franklin before, so I was tasked as her tour guide for the day. At the start I was lost for things to do, but then I realised there was plenty, so off we went. We started the afternoon off at Pokeno, because who doesn’t love ice cream? It was a bit of a mission to eat it before it melted, and also maybe teaching me not to overdo it on the number of scoops I get. We then went out to Awhitu Lighthouse at Manukau Heads, and explored Awhitu Regional Park. With the tide out, we could walk to the little ‘island’.

There were a few people out there geocaching, which I found out has been happening since 2000. Not a bad way to spend the weekend. We’re lucky there’s so much to do in the area when we decide to get out and enjoy the sun!

In other news- no pun intended, US President Donald Trump released his Fake news media awards last week. Our readers should be pleased to know the Post didn’t feature on that list. There are plenty of exciting stories in today’s paper, so happy reading, and if you have news to share, send us an email or give us a call.


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