Yana’s Yarn

Pukekohe’s five aside football competition kicked off last week, and I got the call up. The last time I kicked a ball was last season’s competition. However you can’t be ‘rusty’ when you can’t kick a ball on a good day anyway. I am effectively there to make up numbers, but my team are very supportive of my attempts.
It’s (mostly) a social event anyway, the banter is strong and at the end of the day it’s just a game… don’t say that to some teams though!
I took the first hit of the season. An imprint of a soccer ball now graces my left leg. It’s all about contributing to the team. If I can beat last year’s record of one goal, I’ll be happy.
Nationally, last week was a horror week for the road toll. As I drive around, I can’t help but notice the driving habits of some people. The amount of people I see talking or texting on their phones is amazing. I want to give a cheeky honk, but the fact that they’re already distracted makes me think I’d better not.
Please check your driving habits. Whether you’re eating, putting on make up or taking a call, either pull over or wait. It’s not worth the risk.
On the topic of cars, I was busy writing this column last week when someone came in to inform me that there was a kid hanging around my car, stealing my valve caps. I was pretty shocked, and then annoyed. They’re only caps and they were pink (not my colour of choice), but it’s still a pain. Young dude, I hope those pink caps serve you well for when you are old enough to have your own car… or to stick on your bike.

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