Yana’s Yarn – 19 September 2017

Calf Club days began again over the weekend. As much as I love the seeing the animals, I also love hearing their names. While there’s bound to be a ‘Fluffy’ or a ‘Minty’, my favourite was a chicken called Naan- one of three, with Butter and Tikka back at home.

It’s always cool to see the effort the kids (and parents) put into these events!

If you haven’t noticed from the billboards, ads and general campaigning, it’s an election year. I voted on the weekend. It’s my second time voting in a general election, and while ‘being another statistic’ is generally a bad thing, being a statistic in the youth voting age group (18-24) is one that I don’t mind contributing to.

If you have voted, well done, and thanks for being model citizens! If you haven’t, there’s still time and the process is simple and straightforward.

If you don’t know who to vote for, do a bit of research first. New Zealand has enough sheep, so don’t rely on someone else’s opinion to shape your vote. Plus, the ‘I voted’ sticker you get at the end definitely makes it worth it.

In matters unrelated to the elections, a group of friends and I had a few rounds of laser tag last week. It was a blast, figuratively and literally.

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