Yana’s Yarn— 17 April 2018

This week has been a tricky one—I’ve been in bed for most of it, stuck at home with the flu. I popped into work for a bit, only to be turned away. “Go home,” were the exact words, but being home is better than infecting work colleagues.

I guess it’s the changing of the seasons, the tricky weather and after hearing about others being hit with the bug too, it seemed I was next in line. Let’s hope that’s it until next year.

After filling my body with chicken soup, throat lozenges and stuffing my nose with tissues (what a sight), I should be back to full capacity by the time this goes to print. What are your tips and tricks for getting over the flu, or even just a cold?
They used to say that chicken soup was an old wives’ tale, but there has been research that proves it is helpful. Something to do with the heat of the soup clearing those nasal passages, and generally tasting good.

We joke about the weather being a cop-out in most conversations, but last week was wild. On the Manukau Heads, winds reached up to 213km per hour. This was 10km per hour less than the maximum windspeed ever recorded. The winds knocked out trees, windows, roofs and power. We are lucky to have amazing people in our community, those who had power and warmth offered to put the kettle on for others, help them out with dinner or a shower.

Thanks also to those who were working in the conditions, the linesmen, arborists, and emergency services; Police, Fire and Ambulance officers, and those solid members of the community who wanted to get out there and help out. Thanks for braving the cold and the wind so that we could be safe in our homes!

Also – don’t forget to send in your flu remedies : yana@thepost.nz

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