Yana’s Yarn—13 February 2018

I was one of the lucky ones who got Monday off as well as Tuesday and I spent most of my day watching the SuperBowl. Every year, I watch the NFL season at a distance, ready to jump on the bandwagon of the SuperBowl final and cheer for the underdogs.
It’s a game that I slowly increase my knowledge of each year, from rules to positions to calls and players. Very slowly I’m beginning to understand and can almost competently watch a game knowing the basics of what is going on.
When I can see the ball, that is.
For those bored of the sports talk, Justin Timberlake provided some foot-tapping tunes at the half time show and a 13 year old boy became an internet meme after snapping a selfie with the star. This year the Philadelphia Eagles won against the five-time champions New England Patriots, leading to the city of Philadelphia basically turning to rubble as they celebrated and coincidentally destroyed their city with their festivities. For good reason though, the team had never won a SuperBowl before. That’s worth celebrating.
And on that note, a special shout out to my parents who celebrated their 27th wedding anniversary last week. They’ve survived 27 years together, raised five amazing kids (cheeky self-promotion in there), and been through a fair share of life’s challenges. I looked up what this anniversary entails and apparently it’s a sculpture, so time to get the chisel out Dad.

Mike and Saskia O’Gorman


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