Yana’s Yarn – 12 June 2018

Without sounding like a broken record, and being 100 per cent honest, as nothing exciting has happened to me this week, I’ll chat about Wellington again.

I went to the Gallipoli exhibition at Te Papa and if you haven’t been yet, definitely take a visit there before it finishes in April 2019. It was so well done, so informative and a glimpse into the lives of Kiwi soldiers who sacrificed so much. Plus, the wax figures, created by Weta Workshops were incredibly well done— the detail making them so lifelike, even though they were 2.4 times human size.

Between spending two days driving, we were able to visit the museum, visit several of my family members (my aunty held a mini-reunion while I was down there), caught up with friends and managed a bit of shopping too.

I hope you’re all pleased to know I picked up my Hunks of the Vatican calendar. We popped in to my uncle’s house and said hello, my cousin had the calendar on the table ready to go. Now Mr June sits on the back of the door, with his black and white collar popped.

How about those 50 sets of twins on the front page? What an amazing turnout to have so many in just the Waiuku and Awhitu areas. You’d definitely be seeing double if you happened to be walking past. I think it would be awesome to have a twin, imagine all the mischief you could get up to. In primary school I was friends with identical twins who would swap classrooms when they both had relievers. Don’t go getting any ideas now. I don’t have a twin, but I do share June with my little (big) brother. Happy Birthday Reece!

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