Yana’s Yarn— 07 August 2018

I don’t always get invited to awards, but when I do it’s for the NZ Pie Awards.

Last year, I ate my fair share of pies, and I became a connoisseur in my own right.

However, this year I was invited to attend the Bakel NZ Supreme Pie Awards held at SkyCity. (I wasn’t invited because of my pie-eating abilities mind you).

The Bakel Awards are the top food awards in the country. It just goes to show that pies are a staple in kiwi cuisine. Celebrity chef and judge Ben Bayly said, “Pies are New Zealand’s national dish.” He may be right.

It was an amazing evening, we stepped back into the 1950s, and got to take away a collectable 1955 Cadillac Fleetwood as a souvenir from the night.

Dai Henwood was the MC and the entertainment was great. Yes, there was entertainment! Roller blades, hula hoops, it was very 1950s, and as we sat as part of the ‘live audience’ I felt like it was something straight out of the Hairspray movie.

NZ Bakels put on an incredible night and provide a platform for these bakers who probably wouldn’t get the opportunity any other way. Contrary to what you might think, we didn’t eat pies for dinner. However, there were some to take away at the end of the night if you really wanted.

It also goes to show there’s so much more than meat in a pie. Some of the ingredients I couldn’t imagine putting in a pie, but then again, that’s why they have the awards, and I just write.

We have some great bakeries in Franklin, many have received awards in the past, and once again Target Bakehouse and Cafe were awarded a gold, so make sure you visit and give it a taste! You can read more on page 5.

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