Yana’s Yarn— 04 September 2018

I started watching the Bachelor Australia last week. The flatties and I got together put on the tv and enjoyed a dose of not so real ‘reality’.

We laughed at the irony of us sitting slumped in the lounge wearing track pants, hoodies and pyjamas while commenting on the girls’ hair, make up, dresses and personalities they portrayed. I can’t judge them on their make up choices when I can’t even do my own make up most of the time.

However there is an entertainment factor to these reality shows. 25 women, one man. Poor fella. This year I watched it for the pure entertainment factor of Nick Cummins- the honey badger.

I recognise him from before, his flowing blonde curls flying down the rugby field in years gone by.

While getting warped into the realm of the show, I do have to remind myself that it is just a show and they really do want to get us talking. The characters you love to hate, with producing, we’re only seeing a snippet of what really went on, and what they want us to see.

You’ll have your outspoken, your shy and the ones who get no airtime because they’re out pretty quickly. I already have my faves and know the ones set out to be the villains. Of course, it’s no surprise when each week they get a rose because they add drama to the show.

Speaking of shows, I met a kiwi celebrity last week.  I was lucky enough to go on a hot lap with driving legend Greg Murphy. You can read more about that next week. I honestly had the time of my life, and it’s moments like that where I’m so thankful to have the job I have! I enjoy making the most of every opportunity- especially when it pays off like this one did. Next time we’ll put Jess in the hot seat!


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