Yana’s Yarn – 02 October 2018

Summer sports are about to kick off as I once again pull out the old football boots that haven’t seen the light of day since the last five aside season.  

I received a message from my five aside manager, who also happens to be my younger brother. He’s gathering players for the season and I was lucky enough to make the cut.  

As I continually say, I am simply on the field to make up numbers. I did a stint at football when I was nine, but since then it has been sporadic and I usually just rely on my brothers’ skills to make up for my lack. In the spirit of participation, I’m there. If you’re playing five aside in Pukekohe this year, I’m sure I’ll see you. Look out for me, I’ll be the one who oversells and under delivers… ha.  

I hope you’ve recovered from the jet lag of the time change by now. It was a bit of a mission to get all the clocks changed again, the clock on my oven is several hours out, so I think I’ll just leave that one as it is. It was funny to see a photo doing the rounds on social media of what clocks to change. I love long summer nights, but I remember when as a kid I was forced to go to bed while it was still light and I could hear the joy of my friends and neighbours outside our houses playing. I forgive my parents for those moments, but I’ll never forget haha.  

This Friday is Bride of the Year. It’s an awesome charity event, and I have a friend taking part so I’m stoked to go and see all the excitement that will happen on the night. Don’t forget you can vote for the brides at Designer Flowers Pukekohe.  


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