Wow! Those 100 ft waves look close!

By Simon Huggett

Did you know The Royal Caribbean’s Symphony of the Seas cost $1.35 billion U. S dollars? The most expensive cruise ship ever created. You can book a family of four in the family suite for $50,000 for seven days. The ship has a ten-story slide, robot bartenders and 23 pools. In case you don’t like the water in pool 13 you can try pool 22.

Norwegian Cruise lines three bedroom Garden Villa is 5,759 sq ft. Four bathrooms, garden terrace and bigger than a three bedroom house. You won’t even need a builder’s report. In August 2019 the Viking Sun will be the longest cruise from Greenland to New Zealand 245 days and at 190,000 pounds it is sold out.

How about a themed cruise? There is a meow meow cruise for cat lovers, a knitting cruise and a ghost hunter’s cruise. What about a cheap cheap cruise for budgies? Don’t fall off or jump like Kathy Longstaff did recently. If you fall off the knitting cruise at least you would have a ball of wool to keep you warm and a knitting needle to spear a fish.

Back to my balcony suite ocean view sunlit terrace. Ok, so I’m really in the garden and room service is a pizza which I have to go get, and it is pouring with rain. That’s ok because it’s great to dream. A four bathroom ocean view terrace can wait for now. I’ll go practise on the Devonport ferry!

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