Whose beach is it?



Have your SayCould you please clarify something by reply in your wonderful paper please? Over Christmas, I was lucky enough to visit one of your lovely beaches, namely Grahams Beach. It was absolutely packed. There was hardly anywhere to sit, on either grass or sand. But in front of a small stretch of beach in between Grahams and Hudsons, it was bare – not a soul sitting or sunbathing on it. I walked past and heard a man up on the grass telling sun-lovers to move away off ‘their’ beach, as it was private beach. I took stock of where it was and saw a lot of baches back off the water – it was called Willow Park.
Now, I thought I was up on laws and regulations, and isn’t it if the beach is so far back off the water’s edge, it is Crown land, belonging to no one? They cannot surely own the grass frontage and the beach below that? I was embarrassed as a kiwi, and also for the families being told to ‘get off our beach’. Please could you sort this out and let the people of Waiuku know through your paper.
Concerned visitor

We asked Robert Muir, Registrar-General of Land, Land Information New Zealand (LINZ), if he could shed some light the beach issue raised: In answer to your questions, a landowner generally can’t claim – or stop
anyone from using – public beachfront land that borders their property.
While there could be cases where private ownership of a property extends to the beachfront, you would need to look at the property title and survey plans to work out where the private boundaries are. Land records can be searched and ordered through the Land Information New Zealand (LINZ) website.
This costs $15 per record and takes a couple of days to process. Information about this is at: http://www.linz.govt.nz/docs/titles-and-records.

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