Where is my large intestine?

It’s that way, a 17 hour flight to My Large Intestine, Texas, U.S.A . My Large Intestine is a real place with a population of around 143, founded by Philo Bumbaugh. Bumbaugh’s idea was to put the town on the map and make a name for itself. Unfortunately map makers have refused to map it.
How about travelling to Boring in Oregon? A Netflix nostalgia show called ‘Everything Sucks’ is set in Boring High School. Real place Boring has many nurseries scattered throughout the area and many auto repair shops just like in Pukekohe. It has Boring petroleum and Boring Brewing with a population of 7500 people and two golf courses.
I wonder if they have Boring nightclubs?
Let’s go to sunny Hawaii and to a small island called Poo Poo. It’s 0.966km from the nearest airport. Not too far! If you like a colder climate jump on a plane to Backside Scotland located between Dufftown and Huntly in Abeerdeenshire. It is actually really nice!
You don’t have to travel far or spend a fortune. Let’s stay in New Zealand and check out Cape Fowlwind. Fantastic explorer Captain James Cook named the cape after strong winds off its shore. It’s on the west coast of the South Island overlooking the Tasman Sea. Maybe the winds are coming from Australian rugby!
Monkeys Eyebrow seems zoological. Yes it’s real and is a small rural community in Kentucky U.S.A. Legend has it, if you stand at the top of the hill and look down on the town it looks like the shape of a monkey’s eyebrow.
Punkydoodles Corner in South Western Ontario is a real place too. Its claim to fame are its frequent town sign thefts. Council spends a fortune.
How about good ole Waiuku? Best known for the beaver, Zinzan Brooke , Air Vice Marshal F.H.M Maynard and the famous santa parade buzzy bee. If I had to choose one? I’d go for Cape Fowlwind out of respect to Captain Cook and to great New Zealand pride, ingenuity and being really great at rugby. Hey, go The Steelers!

Letter: Cape Fowlwind

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