What the fuel tax will mean for one Pukekohe family

Balancing the family budget just got a whole lot harder living in Auckland due to the regional fuel tax and now the national one as well. I live in Pukekohe and work in Auckland. My wife drives locally so uses less fuel. Below is how this increase will affect us.

I use roughly 70 litres of fuel a week. From July, I’ll be paying 10c a litre more due to Auckland’s regional fuel tax. That’s an immediate increase of $364 per year for me alone. My wife uses close to 20 litres a week which is an extra $2 per week or $104 per year.

And this is all before the Labour government adds their own national fuel levy which means we will be paying an additional 12c per litre.
With the national fuel levy added the impact on my budget will be $800 per year extra and my wife $228.80 per year.

As a family we need to find an additional $1000 per year to pay for this. Many other Pukekohe families work or travel to Auckland like I do so I put some numbers together for you.

Roughly, the centre of Pukekohe to the centre of the Auckland CBD is 50km or 100 kms return. An average car with an average fuel consumption of around 8.5 litres per 100 kms. Let’s assume you only drive to Auckland for 46 weeks of the year. This means a total of 8.5 litres of fuel a day, for 230 days, means you will use 1955 litres of fuel per year.
You will be paying $200 per year more for fuel and when the national levy kicks in it goes up to $430 per year.
$430 extra per year actually becomes a lot of money for the average family.

I work as an account manager and I cannot rely on public transport as I travel to and from customer sites and the office. There is no other way for me to do my job than to drive around in a car. I also do too many kilometres to consider an electric vehicle. So I am being forced to pay extra levies and cannot find an alternative to lessen the costs.

Justin Robbins – letter abridged

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