What a start to 2016!



I was hoping it would be a better year than last, but I am not so sure. On January 2 I lost my fabulous father very suddenly and life has been a bit of a vacuum since then. The garden has been very neglected.

In our small 2m x 2m “plot” we have lettuce, radish, rhubarb, celery, pansy, and some self seed potatoes. I also have tomatoes in the glasshouse which are starting to ripen. They are growing hydroponically and I am quietly excited about how big they are.
With the rain we have had, comes extra work in the garden. The weeds are leaping out of the ground and must be kept at bay or they will take over. I have a very special tool that my mother gave me some 15 years ago that is very simple but effective. It is a wire hook on a wire handle.
It makes short work of weeds small and large.
Continue to plant small batches of salad greens, radish and snow peas throughout February to ensure you have a continued supply.
I planted what I thought were butternut pumpkin seed that I had kept from last year’s crop, but they have turned out to be marrows and gem squash. So I am going to have to be inventive about how I cook them. We will have to buy pumpkins this winter which I regret as they are usually quite expensive.

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