What??? $3000 on Uber!

Considering I have never used Uber, it was just a wee shock to learn that over $3000 worth of taxi rides had been charged to my credit card recently.

Apparently I had been gallivanting across England, racking up more than 17 Uber rides each day. I wish!

As I trawled through my credit card statement (from my home office in Waiuku—no overseas gallivanting for me just at the moment) and added up the charges, the total came to over $3300.

It appeared that I had been well and truly hacked.

Feeling rather concerned, I made a hurried phone call to my bank. They’re using voice recognition software on their phone system these days. You state a few words to tell the phone system what assistance you need. I used the words “credit card fraud”. My call was answered faster than you could say “and would you like fries with that?”

My main concern was, who was going to pay for the fake taxi charges? I was also worried that the bank hadn’t picked up the unusual activity on my account.

An immediate block was put on my credit card, and the bank confirmed that all of the charges would be re-credited. I don’t know if this is always the case though.

I’m still unsure how the hacking came about. We do use our credit card for a few online purchases—that’s almost unavoidable these days. However, we’re always quick to click “never”, when the pop up box asks us to save our credit card details for another transaction.

With the fraud team now on the case, hopefully the devious hacker is one step closer to being caught.

2 responses to “What??? $3000 on Uber!”

  1. Rosemary Keay says:

    I had exactly the same thing happen to me. I found out over easter weekend this year. The only difference was mine was the Philippines & only small amounts. It was during a time when lots of cards were being skimmed through the upper North Island. As I live on a benefit they money they took affected me big time as it left me totally broke & I had no food in the house. Luckily I was able to borrow money & a few days after easter the money was replaced in my account.

  2. Wayne Freed says:

    I just had the same thing in the United States and neither my wife or me have ever used Uber.

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