Wedding dress trends for 2016…



Tulle, beadwork, and fine tailoring are among the details that will always have a place in a wedding dress. Combined with these classic elements, plunging necklines, capes, floral patterns, chic separates, feathers and partial overlay skirts are all “in” for 2016.
Lace V-Neck dresses similar to that worn by Kady Prujean (leftt) are very popular for 2016. Kady’s dress also comprises of beautiful embellishments that makes her gown increasingly modern with her subtle V neckline adding just the right touch of drama to the dress.
Another trend many brides are opting for, is the option of an easy, chic detachable skirt. This means that they can easily switch up their looks between the wedding and the reception. The dress could feature a romantic overskirt that is worn during the ceremony, which can then be removed to transform it into a dance floor-ready look for later.

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