We don’t know how lucky we are



Have your SayMy partner and I were travelling around the North Island and last weekend stopped out at Waiuku’s amazing beach. We had not stopped long when we saw a guy walking up the beach with arms full of rubbish.
His name was James and said he fills a bag of rubbish every day. Talking to James, we learnt that he had lost his house, business and his brother in the Christchurch earthquake. Around the same time, and because of the stress, he broke up with his partner of 15 years He said he drove around the South Island, staying in motels for about a year until his money ran out. He then bought a campervan to live in.
He said he has no family left and wouldn’t know where any old friends may be as he never replaced his phone. A couple of weeks ago, when James stopped some kids smashing bottles on the beach, they decided to throw a rock through his back window.
I’m writing this in the hope that someone from the industry or the area may be able to help him out.

M & A Chase

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