Wbda town feedback



By Sharlene Druyven, Town Centre Manager

After much consultation, consideration and feedback a new ceramic paver has been chosen to be laid in the town centre to replace the old ones. The first area to be laid is central to the town centre clock area.
These will be monitored over the next 12 months to confirm they are fit for purpose and can be cleaned with the current Auckland Council cleaning regime. Once approved by Council the second area will be laid.
Over the last 12 months on a governance level we have completed submissions to Council on behalf of Waiuku businesses on the Franklin Local Board Plan, signage bylaw, parking discussion document, food bylaw, outdoor dining, public transport, public nuisance and liquor bans.
Thanks to our Local Board representatives, Brendon Crompton and Jill Naysmith, who work tirelessly to advocate on issues relating to our area.

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