Water quality issue sees triathlon become a duathlon

It was the response they dreaded, but now at least they have a definitive answer. Auckland Council have confirmed that they have not been able to gain a solution for the water quality issues at Clarks Beach, which means this year’s Fulton Swim School Franklin Primary School Triathlon, will be a duathlon.

The event planning team at Fulton Swim School appreciate the irony of that statement. “We’re a swim school but our triathlon event won’t have a swim component this year! It’s really disappointing, but the health and safety of the kids and everyone involved in the event has always been the top priority for us, and when a solution to the water issue couldn’t be found, it was a clear cut decision to remove the swim section,” advises Daniel Fulton.

With a water quality warning on Clarks Beach, not only does it mean competitors would have possibly been at risk of becoming sick, but overall safety becomes a huge issue as Surf Life Guards are unable to assist with safety management at a beach where the water quality warning is in place.

So for this year’s event, an extra run leg will be added to ensure all of the keen kids entered receive a full duathlon experience. No swim, but double the run fun. With the swim leg generally being the most daunting for kids considering entering a triathlon, it’s expected that the final entry spaces will now be snapped up.

For more information on the event and updates course map, visit: http://www.fultonswimschool.co.nz/triathlon/



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