Walking New Zealand for SIDS and Kids

Sebastien Vanholder and Reyne Palmer began theirjourney of walking New Zealand, all while raisingfunds for SIDS in Kids.

Sebastien Vanholder and Reyne Palmer began theirjourney of walking New Zealand, all while raisingfunds for SIDS in Kids.

Walking the length of the country is no easy feat, but Reyne Plamer, and Frenchman, Sebastien Vanholder, are certain they can achieve this, as well as raise awareness and funds for a worthy cause.

The duo are following the Te Araroa pathway, which is New Zealand’s longest trail, spanning a distance of 3000km, all while fundraising for SIDS and Kids, a national charity that is based in Waiuku and that has a special place in Reyne’s heart.
“I have chosen SIDS and Kids as my charity to support as they receive no government funding and I would like to raise awareness, as well as funds, to help reduce the number of infant deaths in our community. This walk is dedicated to my sister, Kali Eva Palmer, who suddenly passed away from SIDS on May 17, 1996, aged only 28 days. Even though I never knew my sister, I always think about her, and who she could have been, and the SIDS and Kids charity was a massive help to our family.”
After hearing about Reyne’s adventure, Sebastien contacted him to see if he could join the cause. “This is my first time in New Zealand, and I am really looking forward to completing this walk.”
SIDS and Kids, which was established by Waiuku’s Margaret Free after losing a grandchild to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, is dedicated to saving the lives of babies and children during pregnancy, birth, infancy and childhood and supporting bereaved families.
Margaret was blown away that Reyne chose their charity to support.
“I am incredibly proud of the fact that Reyne is completing this walk for us, as well as for the memory of his sister. Any support is greatly appreciated and we are really looking forward to watching their progress.”
After a breakfast fit for kings at Margaret’s house last Thursday, Reyne and Sebastien left for their journey north, to start the trail which begins in Cape Reinga and finishes in Bluff. It is estimated that it will take the duo just over four months to complete. For further information about Reyne’s quest, visit www.northtosouth.co.nz. More information on SIDS and Kids can also be found at www.sidsandkids.org.nz

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