Waiuku’s newest novelist

Joanne Ganley is officially a published novelist.

The 59 year old Waiuku resident has recently self-published her latest novel, ‘Third Person Present’.

The story focuses on three aspiring writers who enrol in an online writing course and covers themes of struggles in personal life, friendships, and relationships and was drawn out of Joanne’s own experiences of becoming a writer.

While this book is her third novel, it is the first she has self-published, an achievement that has encouraged Joanne to continue writing.

“I read quite a lot, I thought ‘I think I can do that,’ and that’s where it started. I’m quite determined and I got there in the end,” she says.

Late to the writing scene, Joanne says she began dabbling in writing in her 40’s. After putting down the pens during a period of illness, she decided to get back into writing once she had recovered and take it quite seriously.

“I took part in an online writing course,” I finished a book through the course at Northland Polytechnic. She then was one of six writers chosen from more than 90, to take part in Te Papa Tupu Writers programme supported by Huia Publishers. She said this gave her a boost in confidence. “It can be hard when you’re starting out, but this was a great opportunity for me,” she says.

While she wrote two unpublished novels, she says she also learnt new skills such a writing, editing and giving and receiving feedback.

“It’s hard at first,” Joanne says of getting feedback, “you learn to accept that your mentors are helping, and they know what they’re talking about. You learn to give feedback as well.”

She says after going through the writing process, holding the finished book in her hands is a surreal feeling. “I wanted it in paperback so I could hold it, and see what I’ve done.”

While she has finished ‘Third Person Present’, she is already on to the next novel, which she also hopes to publish.

Joanne has learnt a lot through writing and publishing and says one of the most important things is to have patience. “It won’t happen all at once.”

You can learn more about Joanne and Third Person Present at www.amazon.com/J.P.-Ganley/e/B071JZMDMB


Joanne Ganley holds her first published novel

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