Waiuku Welcomes Pedalling Prescotts



after spending 15 months cycling across 21 countries, Steven and Katie Prescott are finally back in their hometown of Waiuku.
Arriving in New Zealand last Thursday after an extended OE of 12 years, Steven and Katie have cycled from London to New Zealand, which has been described as ‘living the dream’.

After staying at a friend’s house in Auckland that night, Steven and Katie set out for Waiuku the following morning. However, unknown to them, their friends and family had organised a welcoming team to ride with them for the last couple of kilometres into town.

Over 40 riders, including television cameras from Seven Sharp, met the couple at the ‘Welcome to Waiuku’ sign, and rode into the town centre, where businesses came out to greet them after their long journey.
“I thought it would be just mum and dad welcoming us, but to have everyone here is just crazy! What an amazing turnout, we are just blown away,” said Steven. The couple are now looking forward to spending quality time with family and catching up with friends.

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