Waiuku trails plan approved

New walks and trails will be developed in Waiuku after the Franklin Local Board approved the Waiuku Trails Plan.
The board agreed last Tuesday 12 December 2017, to commit up to $300,000 to kick things off, which should provide for the establishment of the committee and some significant works on part of the plan.
The project will create walking and cycling trails linking the foreshore area, open space, esplanade reserves, parks and residential streets with key destinations and the heart of Waiuku town centre itself.
Andy Baker, deputy chair of the Franklin Local Board and chair of the Waiuku Trails Working group said it was very exciting.
It was agreed there were fantastic opportunities and to create some new pathways in and around the town but to enhance and improve existing ones,” he said. It was also important to create opportunities to tell stories about Maori history and connections alongside the history of the development of the town and area as it was settled.”
A working group made up of a variety of representatives from the Waiuku community was established. This included the historic society, service clubs, waterfront committee, yacht and golf clubs and Iwi. “It was a very positive, cohesive and pragmatic group determined to move with pace and determination,” Andy said.
As well as the representatives, there has been positive public consultation including pop-up discussions where the community have been able to see the proposed walkways.
“That gave us a real head start as we really just confirmed that most of those were possible and desirable and put them on the maps and into the plan,” Andy said.
While the plan is long-term, the group are ready to get the wheels turning.
“From a community perspective, there may well be things like the good old fashioned working bees and opportunities for fundraising to achieve things faster,” he said.

Future cycle and walkways as part of the Waiuku Trails Plan that was approved last week.

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  1. Heather McGuire says:

    Congratulations and all power to the Waiuku Walkways Committee!!
    We live in Alexandra Redoubt Rd Tuakau and have a steady stream of walkers/joggers etc making their way up to our wonderful historic redoubt. Trouble is our road is very narrow and there is no footpath/trail/track and it’s dangerous!! How do we get a path??!

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