Waiuku pavers all set for stage 1 to begin



An update from Town Manager Sharlene Druyven who recently met with JFC Construction site manager and Richard Firth from Auckland Transport.
Looking at the map, Stage 1 goes up the eastern side of Queen Street from Conveyancing Plus to the ASB Corner. On the Western side it runs from Flight Centre down Queen Street and into Bowen Street just past The Roast shop.
On the other side of Bowen it will run from Osborne Realty into Queen Street, stopping outside Dollar Mart.
They have divided Stage 1 into sections and estimate to have each section done within two days maximum. This is better than the previous paving work when they pulled up the whole side of the street at once which caused some inconvenience to everyone.
The large town centre, stage and clock area in Bowen Street will be done in one go which will take between seven and ten days to complete. All our pedestrian crossings will also be fitted with the correct nobbled paving for the blind. They will have someone on site to support wheel chair and mobility scooter users around areas that are being worked on as well.
Contractors will require parking in the area they are working on for their trucks and an area where they can lift the old paving onto pellets and where the new paving can be unloaded.
“I have requested that they use as few spaces as possible and utilise parking in the Kentish carpark and old New World carpark where possible. Obviously with works of this size there will be a traffic management plan in place and there will be some inconvenience, especially entering Bowen Street.
“They have assured me they will try to minimise the disruption and I will be regularly on-site to monitor and keep the businesses affected updated at all times,” said Sharlene.
“The works are proposed to take four to six weeks and are intended to start in mid- March.
“I have requested that we try and delay the laying until the Kitchener Road works are completed to minimise the pressure on parking.”

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