Update on storm damage to Hudsons Beach

The heavy weather front that hit the northern part of the North Island on the night of 4-5 January caused chaos at some Manukau peninsula beaches.

Hudsons Beach bore the brunt with most of the seawall demolished by the heavy waves and roaring wind that reached 83.3km/hr according to peninsular weather expert Brian Hamilton. He also recorded a rainfall over the 24 hours of 17.9mm.

Some properties suffered water damage on the high tide at 1am when the level rose to above the seawall and permeated houses along the foreshore. Some residents reported water damage with up to 150mm entering basements.

With the afternoon high tide, again dwellings were flooded, power connection boxes exploded as the sea water enveloped them.

At least two elderly people had to be evacuated from their Logan Drive house. Awhitu Rural Fire Force members and locals safely took the ladies to higher ground on the back of a tractor.

Hudsons Beach resident Trevor Bartlett told the Post that he had seen flooding at the beach about twenty years ago, but the damage to property was nowhere near so severe.

Nearby Grahams Beach suffered minor damage, but nothing as severe as Hudsons Beach. Orua and Big Bays avoided the direct line of the storm, but Wattle Bay suffered some minor erosion damage.

Story and photograph by: Bill Deed

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  1. Wendy Jones says:

    To Whom it may concern.
    Could you please send me the photo of the house with the fire at the power box in front.
    It is my place and it would be awesome to have the above.
    Our power was not restored till Monday afternoon so it was a bleak few days without power.waterpump and septic.
    Thanking You
    Wendy Jones

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