Unsellables dumped outside Salvation Army store

It was an unsightly welcome back for a group of staff and volunteers at Salvation Army Pukekohe after Auckland Anniversary weekend.

On Tuesday 30 January 2018, they arrived at work to find dumped clothes, gear, and broken household items spread all over the back of their building.
Regional Family Store Manager Brian Rankin said unfortunately the items dumped were not in a sellable condition.

“This is the reason we ask people to donate items during our opening hours or contact us so we can arrange to pick up the items they want to donate,” he said.
It took staff and volunteers three hours to clear up the items that were left outside the store.

Brian said they are however extremely grateful for the generous people who donate to the Pukekohe store. “The items they donate help raise funds that make a difference to the lives of people doing it tough in Pukekohe.

“When items are left outside of store opening hours such as on anniversary day we can’t guarantee they’ll make it into the store undamaged. Although having to throw away some items is part of the job, we’re mainly in the business of keeping items from going to the dump and giving them a second life.” He said nationally, the Salvation Army Family Stores divert around 16,000 tonnes of rubbish a year, from the dump and use it to help struggling New Zealanders. “It’s always disappointing for our staff and volunteers when they have to throw things away like this.”

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