Two arrested over German tourists robbery

Christian Engel and Dominik Wiedmann were left with just the clothes on their back after everything they own was stolen from their campervan in Pukekohe on Sunday 6 August.

Two people have been arrested in relation to the robbery of property from two young German tourists last week.

Christian Engel, 22 and Dominink Wiedmann, 24, both students and photographers had only been in the country for two days their campervan was robbed in broad daylight in Pukekohe on Sunday 6 August.

All of their possessions were stolen, including cameras, lenses, filters and a drone, as well as their laptops, hard drives and clothes, and their passports.
They had parked their campervan on King Street Pukekohe to have some lunch when they saw a man looking into their campervan.

“It was kind of naive of me looking back,” Christian said, “But I didn’t think anything of it at the time.”
It was only when they returned to the van that they realised everything they had left was gone.

“What was taken was incredibly expensive,” Christian said. “All our gear was taken except for Dominik’s camera which he had with him to take photos of a football game.”

“It was very stressful,” Christian said. After calling Police, and giving details of the events, they spent Monday 7 August, in Auckland getting new passports sorted. “When the police officer was dusting for prints, he said ‘Welcome to New Zealand’,” Christian said.

As news of the theft broke, the Franklin community shared their disgust over the incident, with many quick to jump to the aid of the German tourists.
From offers of accommodation, clothes and photography gear, Police received an overwhelming response from Franklin residents, and had to make a list of people who were wanting to help the two lads get back on their feet.

Investigations led local Police to execute a search warrant over the weekend, and managed to retrieve some of the victims’ property.
A 39 year old Pukekohe female and a 41 year old Pukekohe male appeared in the Manukau court on Saturday 12 August, and were given bail to re-appear at Pukekohe court this week. They were put on a 24 hour curfew.

Another male who has a warrant for his arrest is still outstanding for this theft and Police are still seeking several items of the tourists’ property. Anyone who may have information on the incident is still encouraged to phone Pukekohe Police on 09 237 1700 or phone Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

4 responses to “Two arrested over German tourists robbery”

  1. Sorry to hear this. NZ is such a safe country but if the police say “Welcome to NZ” to this,it’s scary. Something has to be done before it fires out of control. I come from a country where it has flared beyond recovery.

    Come on lets make NZ safe and secure.

    • ian says:

      Hi the only way is to get rid of the useless judges most of them are weak, they let the police down most of the time they do not back the police,
      All i can say is they must have shares in wet bus tickets

    • Annie Bland says:

      I think it might have been more tongue in cheek (here we go again routine) rather than an offhand dismissal…

  2. Denys Lafrentz says:

    Good on NZ Police and anyone else that helped in catching these mongrels ,I hope a Judge has the balls to give them the maximum sentence and help protect other travelers

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