Tuwhera to host drug resource awareness expo

Glenys Taupo is a woman well-recognised for the work she does in the community.

As the founder of Tuwhera Open Doors Support Group, she has been able to help hundreds of people and families battling drug addictions and supporting whanau through the process.

The focus of the group is supporting those with Methamphetamine or ‘P’ addictions.

“We are a non-funded organisation with a non-bias and non-judgemental approach in regards to anyone who walks through our door,” Glenys said.

The decision to start the group came from personal experience. “I have witnessed and experienced the horrible effects of Meth in my community and in my home. I have seen what it can do to the most loving, gentle people and have witnessed the destruction this drug has had on many families,” Glenys said,

After coming across an article about a woman called Maraametua Williams, Glenys felt inspired and decided to contact her to start something in her own town.

Maraametua introduced Glenys to NZ “P” PULL, and Liz Makalio, and with their support, Glenys started a walk-in support group.

At that time, Tuwhera was only the third group to start a walk in, and even now is the only support group in the Auckland region.

Tuwhera has a team of voluntary workers who are all, in their own right, trained in the area of counseling, drug and alcohol facilitating, mental health experience and youth drug and suicide intervention. “We provide a supportive space to ask questions, vent, and share or just to listen,” she said.

The group meets each Wednesday from 1pm to 3pm at the Hamilton Estate Community Hall, 4 Hamilton Drive, Waiuku.

Tuwhera are also organising a Drug Resource Awareness Expo which will be held on Friday 24 November from 10am to 12pm. There will be more than 20 organisations who provide support around drug/alcohol and mental health services attending. From 1pm-3pm, Peter Thorburn of Meth Education and Solution Services ltd will be running a workshop on meth and whanau intervention to give an overview of how a person can support an active user.

Grace Van De Brink, Ray Carter-Sellwood, Rose Heta-Minhinnick and Glenys Taupo


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