Tuakau College head students a strong team

By Jess Paton

‘The very best in all things’ is clearly reflected in the 2018 Tuakau College Head students.

Seventeen year olds Tyler Gillibrand and Mosese Maea from Tuakau, along with Jacob Judge from Pokeno and Jessica Lang from Pukekawa are the leaders of the college this year and have already shown their leadership skills in many ways.

These students applied for their roles because they wanted to enhance their leadership skills and the relationships between students and the community. Tyler, head girl, said “we want to become role models and we aim to do this by focusing on working as a team and not as individuals.”

The students unanimously said they want to continue to build relationships between students and staff and “give back to the school that’s given so much to them.”

As a team, these students love the college because of the people. “It’s also a small school with loads of opportunity which is pretty cool. A small amount of people equals loads of opportunities for everyone.”

Jacob, head boy, says they want to be “the connecting link between students, staff and community.”
“Out of the last four or so years this is definitely the leadership team that works the best together,” exclaims Ally Fletcher, Assistant Principal. “They’ve already run a two day whole school house activity competition, have made a proposal for a year 13 camp and are currently selling chocolates and gifts for Valentines Day.”

All of the team have goals for the future with Tyler intending to one day be a corporate lawyer, Mosese a civil engineer and Jess aiming to pursue a career in medicine. Jacob, still slightly unsure, plans to enhance his learning with further tertiary study in science or medicine.

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