Tuakau Clean-up and planting day popular with kids



The sun smiled for Tuakau’s clean-up action on Sunday morning and participants hauled trailers of rubbish off the town’s streets.
Carl came all the way from Port Waikato to help and participate in the tree planting.untitled
He was involved in similar actions while he lived in Australia. He gathered rubbish from Harrisville and Barnaby Roads.
The clean-up action attracted families as well as groups of people who were assigned a particular road or stretch of road to collect rubbish.
untitledThe Kea Sea Scouts for example took care of the John Lightbody Reserve as well as the Batkin Reserve, while the Lions wandered up and down River Road. Cars towing trailers drove up and down the main roads to collect the bags of rubbish.
From 11.30am the clean-up crew changed their hats to become tree planters, an activity popular with many kids. Teens Caitlyn and Vicky said they turned out “to help the community”.
Four year old Toby dug holes, planted trees and filled the holes around the trees in, together with his dad.
The young sea scouts also planted many trees and shrubs. And as soon as the tree planting action started the heavens opened, but the heavy rain did not deter the participants who planted fruit trees as well as natives trees.






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