Tuakau Civil Defence launch

The inaugural meeting of the soon to be formed Tuakau Civil Defence committee, was held last Tuesday 3 October 2017 at the TESTC centre in Tuakau.
Fifteen people gathered to discuss forming a Tuakau Civil Defence committee which would spearhead the establishment of a local civil defence unit. This would be supported by a wider Waikato Civil Defence unit.

Three members of the Waikato Civil Defence unit spoke about the requirements for a local unit and what support they could expect from the national civil defence initiative.
At the meeting were two representatives for Tuakau Fire and Emergency Services , and a representative from the Port Waikato Civil Defence, who offered some insight into how they established their unit and what the Tuakau committee could expect. In attendance were also local councillors, members of the public as well as two members from Franklin Neigbourhood watch.
For those of you in Tuakau who received some civil defence text messages in the middle of the night, thankfully the local unit had nothing to do with that.

Gary McGuire, Vern Reeve, Andy Bubear, Jacqui Church, Jenna Smith, Justin Douglas, Carolyn Edwards, Karen Leathern, Stuart Graham, Stephanie Henderson, Ben Wilson, John Harlick and L to R in front: Tina Hall and Carol Steele

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