Three romantic scenarios to rekindle the flames of love



Stuck for ideas for the evening of Valentine’s Day? Don’t panic. With a little planning, you can create some unforgettably romantic scenarios.

1. The second first date

Dress up to the nines and go to a fancy restaurant with your partner. Before setting out, agree to pretend that this is a first date. This little game will help you both rediscover the person you share your life with, without all the embarrassment of a first date.

2. Massage

Improvise a massage parlour at home before your partner arrives. Cover a mattress with a soft blanket and organize one or two cushions for extra comfort. Light some candles, put on some gentle music and scatter rose petals on the floor, leading from the front door to the massage table. Now all your loved one has to do is to follow this inviting trail to discover your talents as a massage therapist. Stock up on some good quality massage oil. If this is all too much, book a couples massage or treat your partner to one in town.

3. Memories of love
Organize a trip down memory lane, literally. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been together for five, fifteen or thirty years; the fun will still be worth it. Did you meet at university? Return to your old campus and share a passionate kiss, just like in the early days of your relationship.
Maybe you could even find the exact spot where you shared your first kiss. Did you slow dance to a particular song on your first few dates? Play the song again, either at home or in a bar with a jukebox, and let yourselves remember those magical moments.
Safe Bets
This is a day to celebrate your commitment to each other, so give the love of your life a traditional gift that never fails to please. Try a greeting card, flowers (red roses are still popular, but you could be more daring and opt for orchids or gerberas), chocolates, jewellery, massage oil, perfume, the latest bestseller or a gift certificate for a beauty salon.

And remember, shopping at local businesses helps stimulate the local economy.

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