Theft of dinghy disappointing

Stu Muir pictured with a trap similar to theones stolen.

Stu Muir pictured with a trap similar to theones stolen.

Stu Muir and his wife, Kim Jobson, have spent the last five years restoring several hundred hectares of estuarine swamp near the mouth of the mighty Waikato River to its pristine state.

The wetland borders their 400 acre dairy farm in Aka Aka, and the couple have the support from local Iwi, Aka Aka School and the Waikato River Authority to continue on with the restoration project. This has seen Stu and Kim extensively complete pest control, channel clearance and planting.
However, at the beginning of December, the Muir family discovered their dinghy and ferret traps had been stolen.
“It was really disappointing, especially when the majority of the time it was the kids taking part and ownership of our restoration project. Just recently, I had over 30 children using that boat, going up and down the river, learning about our environment and sustainability. So really they have stolen it from the kids,” explained Stu.

Stu explained that the dinghy was a Starcraft model, and has a wine cork as a bung.
“We just want them back. Any information would be much appreciated.”

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