The Sugarbabes suffer

Lynn and Emma both agree that they still can’t remember saying that they would join Steve and his quest to eat less sugar. This week has been nothing but an uphill struggle for the two pud -puds.

We began our journey last Tuesday by going cold turkey.
The withdrawals had hit by the afternoon and I have never felt so tired – all we wanted was a quick fix, sugar hit in the way of a chocolate bar or a can of coke.
A piece of fruit had to suffice.
The following day it became a massive feat to drag ourselves out of bed, and the next couple of nights were beyond restless.
By the end of the week, I found myself not needing as much sleep as I use to, and have started waking up around 6am. This has been described as a miracle as I am usually the person to be left to sleep; otherwise you are faced with a death sentence.
Lynn and I also decided to shop for our lunches for the week. We spent over an hour reading the labels to see just how processed all our favourite foods were.
The amount of sugar and words I couldn’t pronounce, let alone knowing what they were, was astounding.
This week, we both plan to have a couple of recipes to try and will make sure that we have our ingredients written out before shopping!
What we couldn’t believe was how ridiculously expensive it was to eat healthy. I now understand why people just go for the quick and easy fix – a pie from the bakery costs less than a handful of nuts.
For example, Lynn went to purchase a packet of healthy, vegetable chips – $7.99, yet the other range which had an exorbitant amount of fat, sugar and carbohydrates – $1.99. You can see why we have an obesity epidemic in New Zealand.
I am disappointed to announce that we cheated on Sunday. I made a trip to the takeaways after contributing to New Zealand’s binge drinking society, while Lynn gorged on ice cream.
We both felt shame and disgust.
Shame for eating such processed food, and disgust in not only the way it tasted, but the way it made us feel, as we suffered from the consequences hours after devouring the food.
Not eating processed food isn’t really the hard part; it is trying to dedicate your time for the preparation of meals.
This week, we hope to be more proactive, as well as positive, to the approach of healthy eating. A little bit more exercise won’t hurt either!

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